Why I Don’t Do Monthly TBR’s.

I love watching TBR videos on YouTube and the subsequent wrap up in which most of the books in the TBR usually don’t make it. Of course there are some people who are hard core sticklers for their TBR’s but most people…I don’t think so.

I personally do not form monthly TBR’s because I know that  I am not really an organized person and schedules really just aren’t my thing and forming a TBR feels very much like a schedule.

Secondly, usually what I feel like reading at the beginning of the month is not the same as what I want to read at the end of the month. Sometimes I feel like a good fantasy and sometimes I want science fiction. So basically, I can’t predict what I’ll want to read at the end of the month and I’m not one for forcing myself to read something just because I made a TBR.

Lastly, I don’t do TBR’s because I usually read series and they usually take forever to finish so I just set myself a goal of finishing the series that year(if all the books are out), not a very tight time schedule. I also tire of characters after reading a long book about them and need breaks in which I read some other random book that I probably never planned on reading.

In conclusion, I don’t feel the need to shackle myself to a TBR. It gives me anxiety when I’m not reading the books that I planned for that month and makes me feel bad so I just don’t do it. If it works for some people then good on you, you’re way more disciplined than I am.


January Wrap-Up

So January has been one if my best reading months EVER! and I actually liked most of the books I read this month, which is not something that happens often. I’m very picky with books cause I have like a million pet peeves but I can honestly say that I enjoyed most of the books on this list. I’m going to arrange them in descending order so the book I enjoyed the most is first and the one I enjoyed the least is last.

  1. Furies of Calderon. by Jim Butcher

This book absolutely surprised me. I haven’t read much high or epic fantasy and its usually daunting for me because they are so long and so involving but the moment I opened this I was lost. I read this in one sitting , I literally could not put it down and I usually don’t like books with multiple perspectives but I loved all the perspectives in this and all of them were relevant so… read this.

2.  Queen Takes King. by Joely Sue Buckhart

Our young vampire queen takes on Leviathan, King of the Depths. Amazing.

3. Queen Takes Queen. by Joely Sue Buckhart

Vampire queen takes another queen. It was epic.

4. Queen Takes Knights

First in the Our Vampire Queen Series. It was really good. This was my first revers harem story and I’m sure I opened Pandora’s box. I’m addicted now. but unfortunately I haven’t found one as good as this one. It might be because it was my first so I just hold to a really high standard. Everyone should read this if you’re just looking for something light and fun to read. It has a really good plot for this kind of book so you wont be disappointed.

5. Queen Takes Rook.

This one was just ok to me. Nothing spectacular.

6. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

For all who read my previous post you know that I have tasked myself with reading a classic a month this year and so this was the classic for January. It was superrrr short and nothing like the movie. Its super bizarre and kind of sad but you also realized that its just the cycle of life, even if it was backwards in this case.

7. Blood and Chocolate. by Annette Curtis Klause

It was pretty good I guess. It was the first book I read this year so I cant really remember but I know I like how the story ended. You thought you knew how the story was going to end but the author is like “psych!”

8. King of Hel. by Grace Draven

This story left no impression on me. It means absolutely nothing to me but it was short and unique I guess.

9. Golden. by Joely Sue Buckhart

When I stated this I saw the number of pages and I was ok this is pretty short  and as I read I was like well the pages are going but I feel like there’s still so much story to be written and that’s still how I felt when it was over.

10. Nightshade. by Andrea Cremer

 The thing about this is I thought it was ok while  I was reading. I stopped once when I got super annoyed but I continued and I thought it was fine. Then I got to the end only to discover that its actually a series and not a stand alone like I originally thought. I know, that was my mistake but I was still pissed. I didn’t want to keep reading about any of these people but I wanted to know how everything ended and I didn’t get that. if I had known I wouldn’t have read the book at all so I don’t like the book cause it was a waste of my time .

2019 Reading Goals.

Hello good people of the interweb. It’s good to see you again. January has been a relatively good reading month for me and I am sure I can finish two more books before it comes to an end, making my grand total of books read in January a respectable 9. I can only hope that this continues throughout the year but alas I am a struggling pre med student with very little free time outside the holidays.

This year I plan to read 50 books and I’m sure if I stay committed and avoid reading slumps like the plague I can make it. Last year I had the goal to read 35 books but only made it 24 and ya it might seem absurd to jump from 35 to 50 when I couldn’t even reach it last year but I’m sure this is my year, plus, I’ve only got a few more months of math and statistics so once I’m done with that burden I can definitely read a lot more.

My other goal for this year is to branch out from my usual and favourite genre of fantasy. Last year, out of the 24 books I read, 18 0f them were some form of fantasy. This year I would like to broaden my horizons so I have vowed to read one classic a month for the entire year. I haven’t done my January one yet cause, well I’m just not that into classics so I keep putting it off. I mean the only classic I’ve read in my nineteen years of life is Pride and Prejudice, which I absolutely adored. We had to read Oliver Twist for school but I barely got through the first chapter so that didn’t work.

I wont lie to myself and say that I’m going to read more contemporary cause I’m sure I can count all the contemporary I’ve read in the past two years on one hand but I will try to read more romance cause…love.

Those are all my 2019 reading goals but you can bet on the fact that I won’t   force myself to read books that I am not enjoying no matter how hyped they are or how many people swear up and down by them.

Wish me luck.

First Post

First blog post. Im so excited to share my views on different kinds of books and book related things and probably, occasionally some things that are unrelated to books. This blog will come in handy when none of my family and friends want to hear me yap about books anymore.

I’m excited for my bookish family and this is going to be great.

P.S. I can get totally crazy about books I love and totally salty about books I don’t like. Just warning you.

Because Addams Family.💁‍♀️